Young Living Convention 2011 Notes

From Rachel Katz

Young Living Convention – September 23, 2011
2000 in attendence, average age = 58

General Session – morning

Gary Young just got back from Peru and Ecuador
6 Years in the making
Weight loss tea
Started on jungle expedition, aromatic tree and leaves, can chew the leaves
Tree also flowers (flower also flavorful, familiar flavor – bit of cinnamon, cassia, mint, eucalyptol, limonene, beta caryophylene)
Then worked on finding source, grew on east side of Andes, real production deep in Amazon jungle
9 expeditions into the deep jungle
Woke up one morning in Amazon with big hairy spider, got a bite, took almost a year to fully recover
Bite seemed to create a virus in his body
Greatest thing you can do for yourself is live to be healthy
Build your body for vitality
If you don’t have your health nothing else matters

If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space
Tree was ocotea (more research tomorrow from clinic on ocotea for type 2 diabetes)
Reduces insulin
Balances glucose
Reduces hypertension
Balance in cardiovascular system
Anti bacterial, fungal, parasitic – immune-stimulant
Digestive discomfort
Indigenous people primarily use for stomach ailments, ulcers, IBS, diverticulitis, etc
Every plant the shamans share with Gary was a cure all
Gary would chew all parts of the plant before taking it to distill/infuse – to test the contents
Bugs for breakfast – eat it live!
While giving ocotea in the clinic, started noticing something with the patients -
Mentioned Frankincense chocolate, frankincense infusion for breakfast
People weren’t as hungry – ate less – ate less often – weigh less
We don’t lose weight, we release it, we drop pounds and experience vitality

Bringing to stage – Marc Schreuder – half of what we he was!
SLIQUE – chocolate ocotea oolong tea – with boswellic acid from frankincense
Great looking packaging, box with individual bags – mini foil packs for freshness
Ecuadorian organic, low temp process cacao
Marc pretended he was going to strip on stage
It works for men, but does it work for women?
Bringing a lady up on stage
Melissa – came to melissa harvest, became a test subject for the tea
Drank 1 cup before each meal
Has lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks
Marc on the tea:
Unique ingredients
One ingredient from Oman-Frankincense
Ingredients from all 4 corners
Ocotea from Ecuador
Oolong tea from Taiwan
Vanilla essential oil – we make it ourselves in Brazil
Standard vanilla is extracted with hexane or benzane
We use grain alcohol to extract and then it’s concentrated
Vanillin – more in workshop later (similar to eugenol in clove – eugenol is a vanilloid) – vanillin “numbs the brain”
Vanillin combats cravings
Low temp, raw chocolate powder, made in Ecuador- cacao is mildly psychoactive (in a good way)
7 ingredients
5 are only in our tea
Gary went to Fujou province – capital of oolong tea, only 3 of 17 species of oolong are effective in stimulating metabolism and immune system
As many centenarians in Fujou as in Ningxia
Talked with Dr. HK Linh – he said they in Taiwan have an even better oolong
Our oolong grows high in the mountains in Taiwan, foggy all the time – way more expensive: $182/kilo
The oolong being promoted by Oprah come from lower elevation and costs $1-$1.50/kilo
Average oolong from mountains that actually has minimal influence of health: $14/kilo
Trouble importing because oolong from Taiwan didn’t yet have codes
In research on chocolate – when chocolate goes over 140 degrees, lose antioxidant properties – we use low temp and vacuum dehydration
YL has first vacuum dehydrator in Ecuador for cacao
What’s that say about other companies bragging about their cacao from Ecuador?
We cook it for 2 hours at 140 then dehydrate – our chocolate still has vitamin c
Sure once more people are using it we’ll see even more effects
How do you use it
Start with a cup (or a bucket!)
Hot water, bag of tea, steep, enjoy – 30 MINUTES BEFORE MEAL TIME
Can have another with the meal
Soft flavor, no bite to it
Intestinally soothing
More Dorado Azul available soon – originally more for asthma and pain, now finding from the field improvements on hormone balance – particularly estrogen and testosterone production
Appeasing to anterior pituitary gland
Gary refers to a consciousness in the oils, the oil knows what the body needs and affects a balance in the body

Gary’s holding a supplement bottle in his hands…..?
He mentions Alkalime….
Because of our lifestyles people are highly acidic
Body renews and repairs over night, so in the morning the stuff has to come out
Then many people eat junk first thing in the morning
Food – ideally protein earlier rather than later
Alkalime creates a more alkaline environment (great to have before bed)
It’s now stronger and better working, improved flavor

Gary holding up a silver package
Looking for a 15 ml empty bottle
Takes orifice reducer out of an oil bottle, PUT IN A ROLLER TOP!!!!!
ROLLER PIECE THAT FITS ON ALL 5 & 15 ml BOTTLES!!! – and the crowd goes wild
Young Living has the patent on it

And another product……
He’s been using it at home for 3 years
It’s hard to keep in the home, when people try it they take it with them
Yacon – in same bottle as agave, YACON SYRUP
Yacon looks like a black yam
Brought seeds from Peru to Ecuador farm to grow and produce
Didn’t grow as well there, needs a sandy soil
Zero glycemic
University of Lima has tested it
Been using in clinic
Does have its own taste, people say it’s similar in taste to molasses but sweeter, it’s dark
Cooks with it – enhances flavor of what it’s with
No sign so far of stimulating candida growth
21 minerals, vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C
Nutrient profile similar to wolfberry
45.2% inulin – excellent prebiotic
Tea tastes great on its own, BUT if you add something, try the Yacon
DO NOT ADD SUGAR TO SLIQUE – why ruin a good thing?

ENZYMES – Life or Death
Found in every living cell, whether plant, animal or human
Ancient people believed plants were magic from watching them grow and change colors
They learned that aging meat gave better flavor and made it more tender
Decomposition is part of process of things breaking down to recycle
Ancient people did not realize the enzymatic activity was breaking down the food
Without enzymes there would be no life
Enzymes are involved in EVERY PROCESS OF LIFE
They are also food potentiators – take food nutrients and make them available and enhance absorption of nutrients
Enzyme production decreases in the absence of live food or disease, stress, aging and petrochemicals
Inhibitors of enzyme production: pain relievers, antibiotics, chemical cleaners, microwave radiation and heat over 120 degrees
When we eat food devoid of enzymes you use up what’s in the body
You can replace your stores by eating live foods, and supplementing
Essential oils have enzymatic like activities
EOs stimulate enzyme activity in the body
Frankincense does not kill cancer – it stimulates the enzymes and the body to “kill” the cancer
Frankincense digests the cancer
Thieves oil digests fungus
Our bodies create over 3000 types of enzymes each with their own role in the body
Within the cells of lungs, liver, brain and digestive systems we should have millions of enzymes when healthy
When our enzyme reserves start to diminish, we become bi-polar, catch a cold or a flu, get arthritis, have allergies, autism, parkinson’s, inflammation, cancer, digestive problems, heart disease, hormone deficiencies, stroke and headaches
Body needs to digest, process and eliminate properly in order to keep healthy
Heart disease number one killer in the US
Inflammation and disease related to lack of enzymes
Gary been taking Essentialzyme since 1984
Enzymes are the answer
Enzymes are the proteins produced by living organisms
Enzymes are amino acids
Enzymes are catalysts that create many essential biochemical reactions. They are not consumed or altered in the daily processes in the body
They facilitate chemical reactions in the body quickly
Without enzymes, some metabolic processes would slow or stop
3 main kinds – digestive, metabolic and food enzymes
When disrupted they fail to function normally
Facilitate building of compounds, transport of elements, elimination, break down substances in body
Gary: allergies are byproduct of enzyme deficiencies
Arthritis is not disease but an allergy
Enzymes are natural chemical compounds that orchestrate chemical function
Enzymes need minerals and vitamins
Enzymes free nutrients to be used by the body
Enzymes play major role in every process in glands and hormone production
Facilitate digestion and assimilation
Carrots are very high in natural enzymes
Supplemental enzymes come from plant, microbial and animal sources
Plant and microbial sources have a wide pH range, not every enzyme is great in every person
Food enzymes start in mouth, continue through digestive tract
Upper stomach is alkaline (6.5-7), then enters intestines which are acidic (2.5-5)
Estrogen maintains firm skin – harder to maintain levels when older if not eating animal products (from Gary)
Aging does not have to mean diminished hormones
Keep your hormones (and enzymes) high and you will maintain youthful life
Our lifestyle affects every part of our body – exercise, food, supplements, habits
Maintaining proper pH in digestive tract is done with enzymes and probiotics
Enzymes are affected by pH levels – some are activated by various pH levels
Activated, deactivated and reactivated
Enzymes now available in foil sealed packet – where you pop it out

Two colors – gray and yellow
Gray is animal and plant enzyme (includes lipase for digesting fats)
Yellow is polyzyme/fiberzyme/carbozyme all in one

Started development in 1982, finished two years later
Mainstay in treatment of patients at clinic
Former manufacturing company went out of business, has searched long and hard to find a new manufacturer
Went to capsule instead of tablet – Gary wasn’t happy with it, wants to go back to tablet
Now enhanced formula in tablet form – enteric coated with time release to get into lower digestive tract
Gary chews his enzymes before swallowing
Plant enzyme has a wide range of activity because they contain more enzymes – protease, peptidase, lipase, amylase, glucoamylase, alpha-galactosidase, cellulose, hemicellulase, invertase, malt diastase, lactase, pectinase, and phytase
Sensitivities to gluten – hybridized wheat that is over processed – leads to lack of proper digestion
Enzymes are specific in their actions and what they break down
Enzymes catalyze and break down shells of cancer cells
Pancreatin functions with pancreas for proper insulin and glucose metabolism
After digestion is completed, enzymes will break down
They will pass into blood stream as amino acids
They become building blocks in body
Protease, amylase, and other enzymes will enter the bloodstream to clean out foreign materials such as free radicals and potential allergens, which create gluten intolerance and other allergies
Enzymes then make their way back up to the liver and pancreas and are used again
Can take up to 2 years or more to build up proper enzyme levels
Body needs nutrients to maintain the process of enzyme production/maintenance
One of the ingredients in Essentialzyme is carrot powder – NATURAL FORM OF ENZYMES
Enzymes need minerals in order to function within the bodies – alfalfa powder is also in product to provide minerals
Body will also register Essentialzyme as a food product because of carrot and alfalfa powder, so body does not become dependent on them
Enzymes are so valuable
FDA has approved for cancer, cardiovascular, removal of necrotic tissues, GI issues, pancreatic
Enzymes can clear arteries of plaque
Empty stomach of undigested fat
Prevent stroke and heart attack
Eliminate old fat and proteins left deposited
Protease reduces inflammation processes – increases surface area of red blood cell to increase oxygen carrying potential
Effective in weight regulation
Prevent allergies and degeneration
Gluten, lactose, leaky gut, acid reflux, heart burn, environmental allergens, colds, coughs, flu, and degenerative diseases
Take three Essentialzyme before a meal, then add Essentialzymes-4: gray (meat), yellow (other)
Being nursed as an infant helps to start the body’s store of amylase (not born with it)
Lack of nursing leads to future problems with allergies and low enzymes
Cleaning colon and liver
Enzymes help clear body of undigested proteins and meat
Undigested starches, sugars and carbs will ferment fats, turning them rancid
Toxins create a host for diseases such as candida, leaky gut, brain fog, fatigue, hypoglycemia, depression, allergies and fibromyalgia.
Fibro – hormone deficiency, improper metabolism, enzyme deficiency
Gluten or lactose free not necessarily the answer – it is at first, but then you can heal the body and bring it back later
Same with yeast products
For best health in today’s culture – cut out bread and flour products (or take enzymes with it)
People who get rashes when they use oils
Symptoms of autism, Parkinson’s, RA, chemical sensitivities
Hyperactivity, red face and ears, headache, aggression, head banging, difficult sleep, yeast overgrowth
These people often have the rashes
Related to high phenol foods
Apples, food dyes, peanuts, bananas, oranges, cocoa, red grapes, colored fruits and milk
Common food additives
Importance of cleansing – take lots of Detoxzyme before bed
Enzymes at night help to clean out and process metabolism and metabolic products
Without proper enzymes, the metabolic products are left around
CLEANSE IT OUT!!! Go to the bathroom often
Add some JuvaTone to support liver health – LLC – liver lover’s club
GLF – gallbladder live flush – Go Live Forever
Enzymes support and facilitate regeneration and healing
Sulphate catalyzed by phenol sulfotransferase (PST enzyme) is very important in removal of catecholamines
PST enzymes are important for detox of xenobiotics
Autism in GI symptoms
Autistic children show high GI inflammation and dysfunction
Decreased enzyme activity
Treatment of digestive problems with enzymes had a positive effect on behavior for some children
Candy flavoring is a source of salicylate poisoning
Xenoestrogen in diet and environment causes hormonal disruption
Phenolic sensitivity can come from food additives, flavoring, colorings and phenolic medications such as steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Once sensitive to phenols, body will respond to both artificial and natural phenols
Sensitivity develops from artificial, but can react to natural ones
Phenol sensitivity may also indicate MSM deficiency

General Session – Day 2 – September 24, 2011
Young Living s
hips products to over 100 different countries
Opening in Singapore, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Taiwan, Costa Rica
Introduction of international staff
Safer, better way to wellness
It’s easy to not do things, it’s easy to be tired, and blame time and money
But would you trade vitality for no vitality?
Vitality is feeling alive, excited about life, part of an opportunity, part of a community, part of the vision

Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra
Slides of different frank species
World has been fascinated for all of history
Ebers Papyrus 4500 BC
Bible 1600 BC
Pliny Natural History 77 AD
Carolus Linnaeus 1751
Henry John Carter 1847 – boswellia carteri
Sir George Birdwood 1869
FA Fluckiger 1874
Best way to learn about Frankincense
Read $1,000 worth of books
Purchase every Luban study on PubMed
Go to Southern Arabia (15 times – Gary)
Compare to others who have marketing company tell a great story
Pic from Sucotra, Yemen in 1917 to study Frankincense
Then pic of Gary in Oman in 2009
Pic of beehives near frank trees, and pics of resin dripping from cut in tree
Pics of frank tears
Resin is then collected and distilled at our distillery in Oman
43 species of boswellia
Pics and story of history of Frankincense in ancient world
Pics of storage facilities from ancient trade post with Frankincense residues
Did GC-MS testing to see which species were traded back then
Qana temple and warehouse – had to be carteri or sacra
Some authorities say carteri and sacra are the same
BUT YL has shown otherwise:
Pic of Gary with son of a sheikh
See slide pics with science info on difference of oils – related to distillation
Optical rotation/chirality – carvone is in two different oils – totally different smell related to chirality
Alpha pinene is number one constituent in Frankincense
Sacra and carteri have different chirality
Paper on chirality will be published with some Omani researchers

University of Oklahoma – research in bladder cancer
Working on enzymes since 1993, an old enzyme (studied since 1960s) – a deoxyhydrogenase
Showed that Frankincense knows the difference between healthy cells and cancerous cells
A research consultant and working on papers with YL and Gary
Showing some slides about our tea from Taiwan
Was in Taiwan with Marc Schreuder learning about tea
Pics of mountains where tea gardens grow
Went to university for tea history and education
Taiwan very strict on growth and production of tea to maintain high quality
Do not allow ANY genetic engineering, cross breeding only
Our tea is oolong, fermented and specially processed
Lin and Schreuder met with Dr. Chan (National Taiwan University) to learn about tea and got tea drunk trying lots of different types
Taiwanese gov’t gives $15 million/year for tea research
Helps diabetes, side effects of chemo/radiation, clean kidneys, boost immune function
The higher the mountain the more precious the tea
The more mist, the more the tea absorbs and improves flavor
Pick the tea leaf, goes through processing to dehydrate the leaves
Our tea garden won 1st place 10 times in 12 years in tea competitions (thousands of entries)

Cancer, infectious disease (influenza A virus), Alzheimer’s
Biology of human body
Cells in human body – more than national debt (10-100 trillion)
How many chromosomes in each cell – 46 chromosomes (23 pairs)
DNA nucleotide pairs in male – 3 billion
19,599 protein coding genes with 2,188 DNA segments for protein-coding
Other estimates range up to 150,000
Slide of human chromosome – we know a lot more than we used to
Takes genetic code from parents to make us who we are – in all ways
Transcription – taking info from chromosome, gives to mRNA, tRNA and RNA that then makes the stuff – mRNA the one that makes the protein encoding for enzymes – MISCODING OF ANY NUCLEOTIDE THAT MISMATCHES AMINO ACID COMPLETELY CHANGES THE ENZYMOLOGY OF THE PROTEIN
We (well, Dr. Lin) can change genes to reconstruct DNA and nucleotides
What is cancer?
Cells that do not follow an orderly path of death, or programmed cell death (apoptosis)
Cells that undergo uncontrolled growth
These events lead to a mass of abnormal cells that grows without control or order
Can be benign or malignant
What causes cancer?
Genetic – inherited
Carcinogens – tobacco, asbestos, arsenic, radiation (gamma and xrays), sun, compounds in car exhaust)
Mutations of impt genes – can happen anywhere along chromosome – depending on where it happens affects whether or not it causes damage – oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, death genes, DNA repair genes
Other factors – aging, viruses (our DNA has virus coding sequences – sometimes it becomes active)
Stats show median sufferer of pancreatic cancer is 71 years old
Leading cancer types in US
Breast cancer – almost 100% have 5 year survival rate
Prostate – also very good 5 year survival, much earlier screening and detection now
Colon – up to 90%
Lung – up to 50%
Pancreas – up to 23%
Can essential oils induce apoptosis in cancer cells?
Researched oils – Balsam fir, lavender, Frankincense, palo santo, sandalwood and tsuga – can all be used in and on the body
Compare frank and sandalwood chemical profiles
Sandalwood more potent in vitro
BUT sandalwood is not cancer specific, induces apoptosis in both cells in lab cultures
Chemical components depend on temp and duration of distillation
They tested distillation at 2 temps and different times – 100 degrees at 12 hours might make highest levels of compounds
GC-MS profile shows differences in compounds
Single compounds aren’t what do it, it’s the COMBINATION of compounds
Tested different temp oils with the cells, 100 degree oil is more potent
Frankincense works even on hormone receptive breast cancer cells
100 degree oil also was more cancer specific than 78 degree oil
Frankincense oil reduces oxygen radicals in cancer cells to induce apoptosis – does not do it nearly as much in healthy cell
Frankincense oil activates genes for suppressed cancer cell growth and elevated cancer cell death
How do we measure how Frankincense oil kills invasive tumors
Showed slides of gel assays with cancer cells for tumors and gene expression
Nanoparticle technology
Slides of frank killing drug resistant tumor cells
Frankincense kills cancer cell viability, inhibits aggressive cells, can be used in patients with multi-drug resistant tumors
CT scans of breast cancer tumors – Frankincense oil treated tumors – from Oman
Was multi-drug resistant, metastasized to bone and liver
Panels, show before and mid treatment
Slides of biopsy of cells
After treatment with Frankincense cells showed reduce growth and increased cell death
0.5 mL per kg of weight per day – 7.5 mL 4 times a day, 28 days
9×6 cm tumor? (fist sized?) – guy came to Dr. Lin 8 weeks ago with it, got new CT just before convention
Dx with meliosarcoma – in retroperineal area,
Talked to HK Lin, who gave him some Sacred Frankincense
Major detox symptoms
(probably did frank infusion but can’t say)
New scan after frankincense use – 4.7 x 6 = 40% reduction!

Cole Woolley – head of product development
15 mL Sacred Frankincense introduced
Dr. Suhail
Frankincense for cancer, lives in Oman, runs our Oman farm and distillery
We have increased our capacity of production 400%! In the last year alone
Now food grade boswellia powder for the tea
Boswellia sacra extract on cancer lines
All plants in Oman have been checked
Boswellia sacra has been confirmed to be the only frankincense in Oman
Working with HK Lin on the research
Medical research goals with Omani Frankincense
Biologically guided extraction of boswellia sacra to optimize the benefits for cancer research
Pre-clinical trial with cancer happening right now in Oman and some north African countries
Adenocarcinoma – primary lesion in colon, metastasized – antigen was 210 IU mL (healthy is around 5) – antigen went down to 18 with treatment!!!!! In 16 days!!! Metastasis reduced in 21 days, in another 3-4 weeks basically gone
Breast cancer stage 4 – 9X12X11cm – down to small ulcer after a few weeks
Tumor now shows no malignancy and is dead, biopsies from 6 locations
Metastes start to disappear by 2nd week
Tumor underwent necrosis, but temporarily increased in size – imaging alone will not assess progress
Crucial to rely on biomarkers and biochemical analysis
Studies with frankincense started with a story about a patient
Icthyosis – frankincense got rid of most of the systems, cure after 2 months
Future research with boswellia sacra
Pre clinical trial documented and completed
To get a natural, safer cancer treatment, affordable to everyone
Current rules-of-thumb…
.05ml oil/1kg body weight
1.5 bottles 4X/day for 28 days

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood glucose elevated within the context of insulin resistance and relative deficiency. Some experience one or the other, some also have enzyme involvement
Risk factors: obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome, cushings disease, phenochromotoma, chronic pancreatic, cancer, drugs, high fat diet, inactive lifestyle
Regular treatment – metformin – can cause GI complication because it blocks enzyme utilization, decreases TSH, decreases luteinizing hormone and testosterone in men
Also treated with sulfonylureas – like insulin can lead to weight gain
Ocotea belongs to lauracea, from tropical and sub tropical areas of central and South America
Properties – decrease glucose, decrease triglycerides, antiparasitic, decrease blood pressure, antifungal, kills first stage mosquito larvae (malaria causing), anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, natural hemostat
Present findings – indicates it’s a safe and potent source of lowering blood sugar from alpha humulene concentration
Main constituents – cinnemaldehyde and cinnamate are responsible for odor
Has lots of unknown compounds
Oregano in Ecuador has 21 more key constituents than our current oregano
Ocotea – alpha pinene, alpha humulene, beta carolophylene – 24%, alpha cophene
38 females, 24 males, all patients diagnosed with lab results of type 2 diabetes and some were insulin dependent
4 drops under tongue once a day
Fasting glucose levels at the beginning were 140-200, after a few hours it dropped significantly
Modulates glucose levels more than some drugs
After 4 hours still had modulated glucose levels
Some of the patients became insulin free within 1 day, others followed over the next few days
Hypertension, triglycerides were also analyzed
Will be distilling some unknown plants in Peru
One called alligator oregano
Pics of Gary jousting
Gary in Yemen
Gary with the boys and horses
Cedar logging
January 9 starts balsam, cedar and pine harvest
White water rafting
See balsam video from last year -
Seed to Seal
In 1991 Gary had wanted to visit with a man known Henry (Vieux?) – known as best distiller of our time
Meeting was arranged, Henry had a farm in Provence (at 70 years old)
They enjoyed a nice long dinner
Whole dinner was in French
After dinner, Henry reached over and connected with Gary, “Mr. Young, what do essential oils mean to you?”
Gary, “Closest tangible substance there is on this earth to God”
“You are absolutely right!”
Started with Vieux the next morning
Learned how to cut the herbs, how to distill, why each factor was important, from packing to temperature to timing
Gary was told, “You will see the day, that if you don’t grow it, you won’t have it”
That came true two years ago
Pics of beginning of St. Marie’s in 1992
Building the soil is key to having quality oils
Had to build soil at St. Marie’s from acidic to higher quality
First Melissa planting in 1997
Clary sage
Pics of first stainless steel vertical distillery built in North America
First boiler – rebuilt from a busted one
Pics of early days of distributors at the farm
Farm in Ecuador when the land was just purchased
More recent pictures of Ecuador farm, and distillery
Greenhouse nursery in Ecuador
Wormhouses in Ecuador – to make the castings for fertilizer, mix castings, worm waste with leftovers from distillery, keep breaking down to use to spray on the plants
First domesticated crop of dorado azul was 13 feet high
Built a reservoir
Just harvested a bunch of the Ecuadorian oregano
There’s a lab above the distillery to test all the oils to determine the best times and processes for distillation – different plants and different environment – different altitude, consistent temperature, huge range of humidity
How long should you dry the plants, before it’s ready
Use the machines to test the plants every 2 hours, takes 2 hours for analysis, keep going until it’s right
Also testing when to harvest the plants – have to do trial and error – huge learning curve
Some wild plants like dorado azul only grow once a year – trying to domesticate to enhance growth
Dorado azul prefer wet and hot
Had to irrigate to keep it wet to grow out of season
Mimicking the wet season and then distilled it they found that the compounds weren’t as high
Took 4 years to find a way to have more than one growing season for dorado azul
Best time to distill is immediately after cutting
Ruta is best distilled if left to lay on the deck for 5 days first
The GC in Guayaquil is the only one with three columns, two for the GC, one for the mass spec
Only GC like this in the world because Gary modified it
220 acres of lavender in Utah now
Largest privately owned distillery in the world
Before we got it – pics of wood that was illegally harvested; gov’t got it
We have plants starting – a special tree – a new rosewood
42,000 ylang ylang trees growing in Ecuador – started 44,000
45 acres of oregano
25 acres of vetiver
Rosewood starts
Propagating palo santo – 100,000 trees

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